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A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

This was not the remake that everyone was hoping for. I don’t even know if anyone wanted this movie to be remade as the first is a classic that defined the slasher genre of the 1980’s. The biggest change of this film was the fact that the killer, Freddy Krueger, was not played by Robert Englund who played Freddy for the entire series until this one. He is replaced by Jackie Earle Haley. Yeah, the guy who was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for Little Children. Honestly, seeing this guy in full Freddy makeup or what was supposed to be full Freddy makeup would have been pretty cool. But they made one fatal mistake, Freddy doesn’t look anything like he did in the first movie, he was made to actually look like a burn victim. That’s so goddamn lame! Now I know that Jackie’s Freddy was supposed to be closer to what burn victims who haven’t been treated with scar tissue or skin grafts are supposed to look like. They were obviously trying to make this movie a lot more realistic in tone. But how can you make a film about a killer who comes into people’s dreams and kills them, so they die in real life realistic? This film isn’t supposed to be realistic. Everyone’s first problem with the film is that Freddy lost all of his charm. Freddy, in the first couple movies, was hilarious and would repeatedly make such bad puns that you wanted to hear them over and over again. There’s nothing funny about this Freddy. Actually, Freddy also gains one of my pluses of the film. The backstory of Freddy was amazing! The backstory was that Freddy Krueger was a gardener at the local preschool and was loved by all of the students. Eventually Krueger would take advantage of the fact that the children loved him and became a child molester. Eventually one child, Nancy from the first movie, would tell her parents about the incidents that happened in “Freddy’s Happy Place” which is quite obviously a location that Freddy devised to help him get away with molestation. The parents of the raped children would all find out and would have a cliche mob that looked like something out of a 1950’s B Movie. The parents would find Freddy in his house which they would burn down, subsequently burning Freddy alive and giving him the injuries that would eventually define the character. This was a completely credible backstory that seemed real enough to make the story that was really out there seem believable. Freddy would then die, but would come back through nightmares and murder the children, who are now teens, for letting the secret of his molestation out. My next problem with this film


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