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The Jersey Odysseys: Part I: The Legend of the Blue Hole

In my last post, I talked about a short film that was made by internet sensation, James Rolfe. I mentioned at the end of my Cinemaphobia review that I would be reviewing another one of his films. The one that I chose was the supposed start of a series of short films based on urban legends and myths in New Jersey. This film is the Jersey Odysseys: Part I: The Legend of the Blue Hole. To prepare for this review, I delved into the internet to find information on what the Blue Hole. The Blue Hole is one of the few urban legends I know of that has actually been proven to exist. In Gloucester County, New Jersey, there is a small pool that is about 70 feet in diameter that is called the Blue Hole. It is full of clear, blue water which is strange in itself as almost all lakes and rivers in New Jersey have a murky brownish hue which is because large deposits of bog iron and the large supplies of tannic acid in the area. The Blue Hole was actually a popular swimming site in the olden times until about 1960’s. In the 1960’s, a large and powerful storm wiped out the only bridge that made the Blue Hole accessible. It is still accessible by foot, but it is a very long hike and many people in Gloucester County discourage it with all of the legends surrounding it. There are many legends that are associated with the Blue Hole such as that it is bottomless and that it is freezing cold year round. The most popular one, however,  is that it is the feeding grounds for the Jersey Devil. For those of you who don’t know, the Jersey Devil was a cryptid, or mythical creature, that is legendary in New Jersey. It is said to be like a pterodactyl with hooves. It has become a pop cultural icon in New Jersey, even lending it’s name to the New Jersey Devils, a National Hockey League team based in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Anyways, now that I am finished explaining all about the Jersey Devil and the Blue Hole, let’s get to the main event. The Jersey Odysseys: The Legend of the Blue Hole is about a young man who gives a presentation on UFOs in his college class, but is heckled by his classmates and teachers for wasting his time believing in something that doesn’t exist. Eventually, he recieves a book about the Blue Hole  and sets out to find it. James clearly put a lot of effort into this film and it shows as it is beautifully shot and is well written. Anyways, this film has a great twist ending and is overall very well made. Check it out


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