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A Funny Parody and My Review of the Video and of the Movie

I just thought that I would share this parody of the popular 2009 movie “Paranormal Activity.” After I talk about this video for a bit, I will review the movie which it is based on. Anyways, this video was called “Paranormal Easy Bake Oven” which may sound really random, but that is only because it is. This video was made by the popular internet comedy duo, Smosh. For those of you who do not know, Smosh is an internet duo that consists of two guys named Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. They became popular in 2005 when they posted a video of themselves singing the Pokemon theme song on Youtube. After this, the two created their own website and have had lots of popularity which has made them the 4th most subscribed channel on Youtube. They have also had many videos with bands such as I Set My Friends on Fire and other Youtube celebrities such as Shane Dawson. Anyways, the synopsis of the story of this video is that Ian and Anthony have been finding food waiting for them every morning since Ian found an Easy Bake Oven on their doorstep. Anthony decides to set up cameras around the house after the pair find a plate of cupcakes have mysteriously showed up on their counter. They watch the footage and find that Ian has been getting up every night and making food. They find the next morning that Ian makes really good tacos with the haunted Easy Bake Oven. This is an extremely absurd story that also has a lot of really funny moments such as when Ian and Anthony watch the footage and see that Ian got groceries in his sleep. All in all, this is a hilarious parody that really deserves some recognition for it. I liked this parody also because I actually didn’t like Paranormal Activity. That’s right, the movie everyone liked I didn’t like. I can say why I don’t like this movie, but I won’t. Just trust me, it SUCKS!


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