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Insiduous Review

Just recently, I went to the movie theater and saw Insidious. This movie was… okay. It wasn’t that great, but I didn’t feel ripped off after watching it. The plot is essentially a remake of Poltergeist which isn’t really a bad thing as that movie has been crying for a remake for years. The acting was pretty bad. My main problems were the mother who was played by Rose Byrne and she was just terrible. The father, who was played by Patrick Wilson, was also pretty bad. To be totally honest, I thought he was Christian Slater throughout the whole movie. He looked and acted like Christian Slater who is already a pretty bad actor as he was in Alone in the Dark, the Uwe Boll movie. The thing that really made me happy was that this wasn’t a kill everything in sight monster horror movie. This movie was completely paranormal, having the horror put onto you very gradually. It’s very subtle at the start being as simple as seeing shadows moving outside a bedroom window which actually becomes pretty creepy within itself. Then during the climax, you see demons and other crazy stuff that is horribly animated. Still, I am glad I saw this movie even if it was pretty crappy. It was a lot of fun to watch. Let me tell you just one more thing, this movie had the STUPIDEST ending in the history of stupid movie endings. That is all I will say! What did you think of Insidious?


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