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Batman 3 Rumors

After my last post which had me reporting the status of the “The Dark Knight Rises” cast, I have found a lot of rumors, some of which are downright hilarious. The first one I heard was that Angelina Jolie would be playing Selina Kyle, a role which is already confirmed for Anne Hathaway. I actually think that Jolie would be a better choice as Jolie actually makes you feel like she could be Catwoman, other than Hathaway being a person who has no intimidation factor at all, but hey! I haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises yet, so that could change! I also heard one that was pretty widespread which was that Johnny Depp would be playing The Riddler in the next movie. I actually expected this one, though I knew if Christopher Nolan were to cast ANY guy in any male role, it would be Cillian Murphy, Joseph Gordon- Levitt or Tom Hardy who is already confirmed to play Bane!  How do I know this? Because they are all members of the Nolan gang who are in every single one of Christopher Nolan’s movie. He also won’t cast Cillian Murphy because he was already Scarecrow in the previous films. One that I heard that was preposterous was that Zack Snyder would be replacing Christopher Nolan as the director. Actually Zack Snyder is confirmed to be directing a reboot of the Superman franchise called “The Man of Steel” which Christopher Nolan will produce. I actually think that Nolan being involved in the reboot will be great because Superman Returns was released around the time of Batman Begins and Begins was great, Return was not. I heard that Philip Seymour Hoffman, best actor winner for Capote, would be stepping into the role of the Penguin. This was another one that I have been hearing since the movie has been announced. If it comes to fruition, it will probably be cool. Rachel Weisz as Catwoman? I’m sure she was involved in production when Darren Aronofsky was attached to the project of Batman Begins, but now? Definitely not? What’s the next one? AWESOME! OH MY GOD, PAUL GIAMATTI AS THE PENGUIN WOULD BE AMAZING! Oh, sorry went on a little rant there. Paul Giamatti would be a fantastic choice for the Penguin and he has been saying he might be playing the role, if he is in it, I’m going, that’s one movie ticket sold! I was going to see it anyway, but still! IGN was talking about replacing Christian Bale with Sam Worthington, that idiot from Avatar! Not in a million years. Eddie Murphy as The Riddler? I don’t think so, too comical! These are all great rumors and I hope to see some of them “AHEM GIAMATTI” in the next movie. Who do you think should be in the next Batman movie?


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