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Sorry I haven’t posted for about a week. I have been busy. I have got a bunch of stuff for you today. One thing that I have is a ‘gasp’ video game review! SHOCK AND HORROR. Actually, it is not technically a horror game. It’s still a very dark and sometimes even disturbing game. This game is the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum. This game is… amazing. I actually can’t find very much to complain about for this game. Let me just run down all the stuff I like about it. I haven’t beaten the game yet, so don’t troll me if I miss anything. The voice acting is phenomenal, especially by Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as The Joker. Even though I’ve seen the animated series, I still can’t believe it. Luke Skywalker as The Joker. Nonetheless, my favorite Joker. I think my three favorites are Hamill, Ledger and Nicholson. Anyways, the story is really good. You actually feel as if you are Batman. I haven’t felt so connected to a character as if I am in control of them. Speaking of control, the controls are fluent as can be. The controls feel like they work and aren’t broken. The gameplay is so much fun because it’s an excellent blend of several different genres. One minute you could be beating up bad guys Batman style, the next you could be sitting in the shadows waiting for the perfect time to strike. The puzzles actually took one of the most creative turns I’ve seen a game take with The Riddler communicating with Batman via his phone which Batman uses to communicate with his guide Oracle, the commisioner’s daughter. The Riddler’s riddles actually make up the leaderboards on PSN and Xbox Live. Finally, the blend of characters is probably the best I have seen in a game. You see old favorites such as The Joker and Harley Quinn who is FREAKING PSYCHOTIC! You also see lesser villains such as Killer Croc, Scarecrow and Victor Zsasz. I love Scarecrow’s missions! This is where the disturbing aspect of the game comes into play. The Scarecrow has a hallucinogenic drug that causes people to see their worst fears. You know that since a vast majority of people have seen Batman Begins.  Scarecrow’s missions I won’t spoil, but I swear to god that it scared me. This game all in all scores an extremely high 9.6 out of 10 from me. I really am enjoying this game and am now anticipating the sequel. The sequel was announced a little bit back at the 2009 Spike Video Game Awards. Interesting place to announce it actually, at a show that no one actually really watched. Still everyone heard about it, so it doesn’t matter. The game is going to be called Batman: Arkham City. Arkham City? There’s a city now? Wow, this is going to be… awesome! The game is set to be released in the third quarter of 2011, about a year before  The Dark Knight Rises is set to be released. The game is set to have a ton of new characters and I’m going to list them for you right now. Catwoman is set to be included in the game. I really don’t care if Catwoman is in the game as long as it doesn’t suck as much as the Catwoman game. Halle Berry was right to say that movie nearly ruined her career. The game nearly ruined the studio’s lifetime. Mr. Freeze is set to be in the game. Mr. Freeze? Really? You really want a villain who was played by the King of Austria, Arnold Schwarznegger in what was considered to be the WORST film of all time to appear in the sequel to the most critically acclaimed game of 2009? Eidos, I really am losing faith in you. Talia Al Ghul? Who in the world is Talia Al Ghul? Is she related to Ras Al Ghul? Hugo Strange? ALL RIGHT! Yeah, this guy is going to be awesome. If he’s the primary villain in the game, it would be awesome. Now I know what you’re thinking! Ryan, Strange is an old man, there’s no way he could fight Batman! Yeah, but he’s also a genius. He will build some robots or something. Haven’t any of you read issue #897? No, neither have I. Two- Face? Excellent, this guy has been awesome ever since The Dark Knight. Aaron Eckhart can certainly put on a pretty good performance. I lost hope for the guy after seeing No Reservations. Um… I mean…. I never saw that movie. Anyways, Two- Face is a great character. Granted, I was never a huge fan of Two- Face before The Dark Knight. I actually didn’t mind Tommy Lee Jones portrayal of the character in the Joel Schumacher vehicle, Batman Forever. But, everytime I see that movie I like it even less. I mean really, The Riddler is Jim Carrey. Half of his moves from Batman Forever are stolen from Ace Ventura. Alright, Calendar Man is set to be portrayed in Arkham City. I know I’m a huge Batman fan, but who the crap is Calendar Man? Why are they starting a trend of strange choices of villains. Calendar Man, Talia Al Ghul? It just seems like they aren’t trying hard enough. The Riddler, alright this one I have a lot to say about. The Riddler is by far, one of my favorite Batman villains. I had high hopes that he would appear in this game. I love his voice acting in Asylum. I was heartbroken when I found out that he was kicked off of the cast list for The Dark Knight Rises. Who is there to choose for the villain now? Calendar Man? I had high hopes that Christopher Nolan would find it in his heart to cast Neil Patrick Harris as The Riddler, but alas it was not to be. The Riddler needed to appear physically in City or else. They left a lot of villains off the game that would have fit in perfectly. Black Mask would have been a brilliant choice for the game. I would love to see him in the next game if there is one. Clayface, now this one would be an interesting one. If he was a boss, it would be a total God of War like battle. Now, I have heard that Clayface makes a small cameo appearance in Asylum. I have no idea where he is. The Penguin. Why he didn’t even appear in Asylum is a mystery to me. Isn’t he one of Batman’s biggest enemies. Why isn’t he there? He should be!

Wow. That went on a lot longer than it was supposed to. That’s it for this week


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