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My Little Blog of Horrors

Dang, that was a horrible reference in the title, eh? Anyways, my name is Ryan and this my blog on everything horror. I’m going to be posting regularly on all sorts of stuff. There’s going to be movie review, mainly classic horror as I don’t usually go to the theater to see horror movies, so I wait for them to come out on DVD. I’m going to talk about classic horror TV such as The Twilight Zone and Masters of Horror. I’m also going to talk about horror novels by the master, Stephen King and others. The last category I’m gonna be posting about is horror rock. If you’re wondering what classifies as horror rock, it’s basically anything with lyrics that a lot of people would classify as questionable. It usually also includes loud growls, guitars that are 1 000 000 decibels loud and drum beats that frankly SHOULD NOT be going that fast. I’m also going to leave an open ended question for anyone to answer. I hope you like it!


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